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MC90.3FM and Knysna 97.0 FM broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are Local Commercial Radio Stations that exist to entertain and inform the Plettenberg Bay and Knysna population, both residents and tourists/holidaymakers. The formats of the Stations are 80% music and 20% talk, mainly in English.

The music policy of the stations is a mixture of easy listening music (mainly chosen from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and 90’s) and recent hits and music from South African artists and groups. The stations feature local, live presenters of both genders across the age group spectrum.


MC90.3FM broadcasts from central Plettenberg Bay and extends to a radius of approximately 20 – 25 kms to Robberg and Kranshoek in the west, to Keurboom Strand and Tsitsikama in the east and inland as far as the N2.

Knysna 97.0FM broadcasts from central Knysna and extends to a radius of approximately 20 -25 kms covering the town and outlying areas as far as Buffalo Bay and White Location.


• 25-45/55+ year old males and females who live and work in Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, as well as tourists (local and international).
• LSM 8 – 10
• English

Why radio?

• Close to 90% of the population listen to the radio,

• embodies the power of the “theatre of the mind”

• memorability of sound, the feelings and emotion that encourages the listener’s imagination to produce their own desirable image of a product,

• the mood enhancement of radio which places your message in the right positive context,

• rises above the clutter, reaching your audience daily with informative, intriguing and personal messages from a trusted friend,

• reaches willing listeners in their cars, at the office, in the garden throughout the day or night, top of mind awareness and misperception correction as you mould opinions in a positive way,

• flexibility with short lead times enabling you to respond quickly and effectively,

• a great vehicle for promotions, festivals, activities, appeals, up to date information,

• competitions and phone-ins,

• repetition which helps your message to become entrenched in the minds of a very desirable and well matched target audience.


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